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magic_icons: an illustration of a woman holding her brother the deer. (deer and hands)

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Name:magic icons
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Community description:we focus on the magical, natural, pagan icons, but we make room for fairytales and folklore too!
Rules for posting:

1. Graphics relating to paganism, magic, spellwork, fairytales, folklore, witchcraft and so on are welcome here. Icons especially, but also banners, friends-only images, wallpapers and so on.

2. Please put more than four userpics under a cut. Please put more than one banner under a cut. All wallpapers to go under a cut.

3. Read each post's instructions and follow them, before using an image. This may involve needing to credit the iconmaker and/or artist, not hotlinking (which is a given) and so on.

4. Enjoy; inspire and be inspired! :)
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